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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Desserts | 23 comments

Misti Doi/ Sweet Yogurt



I got lots of request for Misti doi / sweet yogurt. Because of winter in Australia I took time to post it.Though whole world is trying to use less sugar, I think that sugar is the most important ingredients of life. And Misti Doi / Sweet yogurt brings the sweetness in our life. I try to simplify the process to make it. I used evaporated milk here. If you don’t have evaporated milk, take 3 cups milk and cook it if it becomes 2 cups(don’t forget to stir constantly).


• 2 and ½ cups Greek yogurt

• 1 can condensed milk

• 1 can  evaporated milk

• 3 tablespoon sugar or to taste

• 2 drops red food colour(optional)

• 2 drops saffron imitation(optional)

Also needs oven proof bowl.

How to make:

1. Preheat the oven on highest temperature (250°c / 480 °F).

2. Blend all ingredients together and pour in oven proof bowl.

3. Turn off the oven and place bowl in the oven.

4. Let the bowl in oven 4 hrs or till it comes to room temperature and take it out.

5. Put the yogurt bowl in refrigerator.

6. Serve Misti Doi/ Sweet Yogurt chilled.

Tips: 1. If you want less cream (which I prefer), use milk instead of evaporated milk. 2. Add sugar to your taste.



Rownak loves to cook bangladeshi food and share her bengali recipes on her cooking blog. Rownak is determined to introduce all the authentic bangladeshi cuisine to the world and let everyone realise what they were missing out! She is based on sunny Queensland (Gold Coast) in Australia. Rownak writes for a number of bangladeshi cooking blog.

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  1. Salam Apa,
    What will be the ml measuremnt of 1 can / 1 can cups?
    Also, Can I use Natural Yogurt instead of Greek?
    Thanks for your great recipes.

    • Salam. You can use natural yogurt . 1 evaporated milk can will be 370 ml. Thanks.

  2. Hi,I didn’t turn off the oven.I set the temp in 100C.then leave it for 1hr.but before that I preheat the oven in 160c.sometimes water separates out at the end.I drain out the water carefully and put it in the fridge.I can cut it nicely and serve this.still I couldn’t get the satisfaction.I want make doi like our country.recipe and amounts are almost same. what is the fault in my recipe?How can I get rid of this?Thanks in advance.

    • preheat oven on highest temperature..then turn off the oven and insert doi bowl and wait till it comes to room temperature. then straight insert it to refrigerator. if you are late to insert to refrigerator then water comes out. hope next time you will get perfect doi.

      • What’s the difference between using natural yogurt and Greek? Any difference we will get ? Why did you use Greek? Just curies…

        Thank you

        • Should be same thing.I think not much difference between them. Thanks.

  3. Hi there, I have made mishti doi two times. I have followed your recipe, but doi is little bit soft. Test was good, everybody liked it specially my son, who is very picky eater. I have few inquiries, as well as, sorry for that. First of all how long should I preheat the oven? How long should I keep the doi in the oven? Once you told four hours and another place you told till it comes to room temperature. Is outcome makes any difference because of yoghurt? I used red color, the doi had pinkish color. Second time I used orange color, that’s gave perfect color. Anyway how can I make doi perfect like yours? Thank you.

    • To me misti doi is easiest food I make. I actually make at night. I preheat on highest and mix all ingredients(i use red and saffron imitation to get perfect colour). when oven is ready, turn off and place bowl in it.And forget it. take a good sleep and morning take out bowl and put in refrigerator. Serve when it is chilled. you will get you perfect mist doi. hope it will. thanks Zamena

  4. Hi,
    I liked your recipe. But a little confusion. What do u refer saying pre-heat in highest temperature? In my broiler,highest temp. is 550,is it ok to make Doi?U told to wait 4 hours,but U also told u keep it whole night.are both of them ok?

    • Hi! sorry for late reply. Usually the highest temperature of regular oven is 450–500 °F (230–260 °C). Personally I make Doi at I preheat the oven, make the mixture, turn off the oven, place the bowl and sleep. In morning I put it in refrigerator. If it is middle of summer, keep 4 hrs. If it is winter, night long is fine. Thanks.

  5. can I use Sour cream?

  6. Yes Rawnak I tried to make Mansur. Although it becomes little hard but too testy. However will try again to become 100% successful.

    Thanks for your experiments to ease us in cooking lot of Bangla dishes.

    Wish you all the best in future.

  7. wHow can i make doi from chhena?

    • Its not possible to make doi from Chana. Doi /yogurt is bacterial fermentation of milk. You can make doi with milk. Thanks.

  8. Misti doe er jno koto kn ovn prehit hbe ???

    • jotokhon lage apnar oven 250°c / 480 °F temperature jete.. should be about 5-8 minutes. Thanks

  9. Apu can i use jaggery instead of sugar. If so can u pls kindly post me the process.

    • Traditionally jaggery is never used in Doi. But if u want , u can use it. just chop it in tiny pieces to mix milk. Thanks

  10. How can I do doi in microwave?

  11. Apu,I made doi using your recipe and it came out perfect every time. Thank you so much!

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