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Posted by on Dec 1, 2011 in Snacks | 12 comments

Samosa / Samucha


When my uncle(Mama) asked me about Samosa recipe, I was little bit scared. I made Samosa once in my life and I tricked  then in Samosa sheet. But I don’t want to trick to my readers. Samosa and singara are two different snacks though in abroad those are mixed up easily. I will make authentic Bangladeshi spicy meat and onion stuffed samosa. Hope you will enjoy.


For Stuffing:

• 120 grams beef mince

• 120 gram sliced onion

• 1/6 teaspoon turmeric

• ¼ teaspoon chilli powder

• ¼ coriander powder

• ¼ teaspoon black pepper

• 1 teaspoon ginger

• 2 chopped green chillies

• 1 tablespoon oil

• Salt to taste

For Dough:

• 1 cup plain flour

• ½ teaspoon salt

• Oil for deep fry

Also need 1/4 cup dry flour for rolling and to make glue.







How to make:

1. Heat the pan on medium high and add sliced onion.

2. Fry the onion till it becomes soft and add all spices. Cook the spices about 1 minute and add mince.

3. Stir it and try to make it crumbly. We don’t want any chunk of mince.

4. When meat is cooked, turn off the heat and keep aside.

5. First dissolve the salt in 1 tablespoon water and mix flour in that. Add about ½ cup and 1 tablespoon water. Knead it and make it smooth soft dough. Let it sets at least 15 minutes.

6. Make 5 balls in that dough and roll each ball in dry flour. Try to make 8” long and 6” wide oval shape thin bread and use a knife to make rectangle.

7. Heat the pan on low heat and fry the bread about 30 second in both sides and cut length wise. So from 5 breads you will get 10 samosa sheets.

8. Take 2 teaspoon flour and add 3 teaspoon water to make glue.

9. Take bread and glue it in one side of length wise.

10. Make a cone and stuff the cone with meat stuffing and glue the top part and close it like envelop.

11. Repeat the process with rest of breads and deep fry them in low heat till Samosa becomes golden brown.

12. Serve samosa hot.


Tips: 1.Fry Samosa in low heat. 2. some people like to double fry Samosa. In that case fry them till somasa becomes light golden and take off from oil. After 5 minutes fry them again and make then golden brown.



Rownak loves to cook bangladeshi food and share her bengali recipes on her cooking blog. Rownak is determined to introduce all the authentic bangladeshi cuisine to the world and let everyone realise what they were missing out! She is based on sunny Queensland (Gold Coast) in Australia. Rownak writes for a number of bangladeshi cooking blog.

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  1. darun hoiche ma!!!!!! keep it up . ma

  2. I want to know what about the samucha sheet? shall i use filo sheet?

  3. how to make the sheet?

    • Sheet making process in the recipe .Please read once more. if you are live in abroad, mountain bread is a good option for ready made samosa sheet. Thanks

      • what is mountain sheet? i also live in sydney, so may be i can use same product whatever u suggest.

        • Mountain bread its a thin bread. Please go to any supermarket(Coles / Wools) bakery section and ask for mountain bread. they will show you. Thanks.

        • Thanks for your reply.But i couldn’t find anything named by mountain bread there. PLz can you mention the brand name also? is it spring roll sheet?

          I know ramadan is going on and eid is very close. so may be u r very busy. but waiting for your reply. thanks

          • brand name is mountain bread..just make it own please..very easy..

  4. Can u tell me pls, which mountain bread I can use? in coles there is lots of vrty.rice wrap,corn flat,wrap chia seed & organic flat bread.plssss

  5. Mountain bread is very dry.when I tried to make samosa it cracked all the side. What to do?

    • spray bit water and put in microwave for 10 secs.Thanks.


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